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Hi, I’m Nat Seppelt – Content Strategist, writer, armchair literary theorist (if that isn’t a thing, it should be) and occasional composer. I’m also a father, husband and big-time music geek.

These are some of my writings and still-forming ideas about the digital, textual and personal parts of life that interest me.

Check out the latest below or get in touch to pick my brain about literally anything.

theatre in black and white


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A flannelette shirt is a cross between a really comfortable shirt and a really uncomfortable one, and Grant…

Dig Shallower

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Uncovering the Other Other Meanings in David Foster Wallace’s Works If David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is a…

To Be Sort of Human Furniture (Or: A Quick Guide to Your Time as a TV Extra)

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Imagine a large and complex machine. The machine has hundreds of individual parts and, for the machine to…

Plane Crash

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The plane hung in the air, briefly, and then it didn’t. It pivoted, dipped one wing and hit…

Annotated Infinite Jest

Author Here, IYI

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Performance of Author/Text/Reader Relationships in the Margins of David Foster Wallace’s Works Note: this is the transcript of…

drawing Infinite Jest

Drawing on the Infinite

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Why I’m Drawing Every Page from David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest For the past month I have begun…